G3 Acoustics partners with Bongiovi Acoustics Labs to form Bongiovi Aviation

Speakerless Audio Technology

Immersive –  High Fidelity state of the art audio resulting in a uniform Immersive Audio Experience throughout the entire cabin.

Aesthetic –  Customized Interior Theme is maintained without the disruption of installed commodity speakers and speaker grills.

Efficient –  Package space is improved by the Elimination of Speakers and possibly subwoofers.

Appropriate –  Lighter materials used resulting in potential System Weight Reduction.

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Bongiovi Digital Power Station™ (DPS) Technology

Developed by legendary music producer and studio engineer, Tony Bongiovi, DPS is a patented and proven audio processing algorithm re-masters audio in real time. Bongiovi partnered with G3|Acoustics to integrate this technology into our lightweight panel systems. The result is a solution for providing customized, superior sound to different areas of the same room.

At the heart of DPS is the profile system. A DPS profile contains over 120 calibration points, like bar tables for example, that configure the patented DPS algorithm. Profiles are carefully crafted by Bongiovi acoustic engineers to meet the needs of our customers. These profiles are used to optimize the audio signal in real-time; for the output device (speakers), environment (high noise), and to emphasize a “sound” or other desired effects .