Speakerless Audio Solutions

Superior Sound without the need or clutter of speakers

Panel Audio™ Technology

Turn any interior surface into a high quality speaker. Panel Audio™ integrates patented Bongiovi DPS signal processing technology with incredibly lightweight Dakore™ composite paneling to create perfectly balanced, optimal sound quality, even in loud environments like restaurants and bars.

Panel Audio™ can be applied to anything from ceilings, walls, and counter tops to furniture and many other items. For example, a sports bar featuring several different sporting events can have tables made with Panel Audio™ technology to allow different tables to receive superb audio for the specific game that they are watching.  Bring the game to your table.

Ceiling Panel Audio
Table Top Audio

Saves Space

Creates sound through existing features of the room, like tables, saving precious space.

Sounds Great

The combination of DPS technology and the panel’s design optimizes sound in high noise environments.

Looks Great

Customized surface panels made to your specification show no visible traces of speakers or hardware.


Scalable WIFI audio distribution assures secure, robust, long range broadcast to each surface.

Product Solutions


  • Restaurants and sports bars have difficulty offering patrons the ability to hear their desired sound of a particular TV broadcast such as a sporting event.
  • Space is limited on a table surface for discrete audio hardwareto be present.
  • Requiring the use of apps and ear buds to hear the TV broadcast diminishes the customers’ social interactions.


Table Tops become the speakers.


  • Social Venues such as wedding receptions, fund raisers and
    other social events desire ambient music as a backdrop for the
  • PA equipment results in locations close to the speakers to be
    too loud and locations away from the speakers to be too quiet.
  • There exists a need to have evenly distributed audio providing
    an appropriate ambient backdrop for social events.


  • Table Tops become the speakers.

Bongiovi Digital Power Station™ (DPS) Technology

Developed by legendary music producer and studio engineer, Tony Bongiovi, DPS is a patented and proven audio processing algorithm re-masters audio in real time. Bongiovi partnered with G3|Acoustics to integrate this technology into our lightweight panel systems. The result is a solution for providing customized, superior sound to different areas of the same room.

At the heart of DPS is the profile system. A DPS profile contains over 120 calibration points, like bar tables for example, that configure the patented DPS algorithm. Profiles are carefully crafted by Bongiovi acoustic engineers to meet the needs of our customers. These profiles are used to optimize the audio signal in real-time; for the output device (speakers), environment (high noise), and to emphasize a “sound” or other desired effects .