Tabletop Audio


Superior Sound without the need or clutter of speakers

Product Solutions


  • Restaurants and sports bars have difficulty offering patrons the ability to hear their desired sound of a particular TV broadcast such as a sporting event.
  • Space is limited on a table surface for discrete audio hardware to be present.
  • Requiring the use of apps and ear buds to hear the TV broadcast diminishes the customers’ social interactions.


Table Tops become the speakers. Bring your game to your table!

Saves Space

Creates sounds using existing tables, saving precious space for food and beverages.

Sounds Great

The combination of DSP technology and transducers optimizes the sound in high noise environments.

Looks Great

No visible traces of speakers or hardware keeps the existing décor of the restaurant.


Scalable WiFi audio distribution assures secure, robust, long-range broadcast to each table.

TableTop Audio™ Technology

Turn any table surface into a speaker.  TableTop Audio integrates digital signal processing technology with transducers to create perfectly balanced, optimal sound quality, even in loud environments like restaurants and bars.  For example, a sports bar featuring several different sporting events can have tables utilizing the TableTop Audio™ technology to allow different tables to receive audio for the specific game that they are watching.

Bring the game to your table.

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